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Speedflow 100 Series Braided Hose

Speedflow 100 Series Braided Hose

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Our 100 Series hose is a premier stainless steel nitrile hose. Manufactured in the USA, this hose has been used by motorsport professionals all over Australia and the world!

Designed for use with our wide variety of 100 Series hose ends to provide essential protection and resistance to high pressure, temperature, and chafing! It is constructed of a seamless synthetic nitrile inner tube with an integral stainless steel braid and a high tensile stainless steel outer braid.

Speedflow’s 100 Series hose has the highest corrosion and fire resistance of any other nitrile braided hose on the market. Suitable for use with synthetic lubricants, fuels*, oils, air, coolant and alcohol including methanol and nitromethane!

Temperature Range: -46°C (-50.8°F) to 150°C (302°F).

Priced and sold by the Metre

*Check out the chart in the photos for correct uses of this hose.

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