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90 Degree Aluminum Bends

90 Degree Aluminum Bends

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Aluminium Tube  90 Degree


Alu Tube 90deg


Outer Dia. Imperial Outer Dia. Metric Part No. Leg Length mm Wall Thickness Centre Line Radius
1.25" 31.8mm ITE-090-125 140mm 1.6mm 47.7mm
1.50" 38.1mm ITE-090-150 140mm 1.6mm 57.1mm
2.00" 50.8mm ITE-090-200 140mm 1.6mm 76.2mm
2.50" 63.5mm ITE-090-250 140mm 2.0mm 96.8mm
3.00" 76.2mm ITE-090-300 140mm 2.0mm 114.3mm
3.50" 88.9mm ITE-090-350 165mm 2.0mm 133.5mm
4.00" 101.6mm ITE-090-400 185mm 2.0mm 152.8mm
5.00" 127.0mm ITE-090-500 185mm 2.0mm 190.5mm



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