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ESS 2.3 Liter AFFF Fire System

ESS 2.3 Liter AFFF Fire System

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ESS 2.3 Liter AFFF Fire System 

Offering Protection For 3 race car zones, two nozzles for the engine and one for the driver in a V8 or V6/Flat 6 or for an inline engine we can use one on the engine and two on the driver. This is a 3-zone Fire System and offers protection for 3 zones in case of a fire. Suggested zones would be the engine and driver. This system comes with 3 nozzles, 2 nozzles for the engine, one nozzle for the driver. If you are looking for a 3-zone system to cover the engine, driver and fuel cell, try the ESS 5.0 liter system. ESS is designed for racers by racers and meets competition approvals of SCCA, NASA, and other sanctioning bodies. This system comes with 3 nozzles, a bulkhead tee, manual pull cable, and all brackets, tubing and hardware to complete an installation.

ESS 2.3L Complete Fire System Details: 

  • This system comes complete with 10 ft. of aluminum tubing, all required AN fittings, instructions, 3 nozzles, mounting brackets, tubing clamps, adjustable manual release cable, and the charging kit.
  • AFFF will not cause electrolysis like all dry chemical extinguishers will and it cleans up with water
  • Rechargeable by the user for UNDER $55!
  • Meets sanctioning body requirements for an on-board fire system ~ Approved for SCCA & NASA.
  • The 2.3 Liter System is equal to a 5 lb. Halon system
  • The 2.3 system is recommended for a two-zone application (engine and driver, driver and fuel cell). The 4.6 System is designed for 3-zone coverage (engine, driver and fuel cell)

ESS 2.3 Liter System Sizes & Weights:

  • 14-3/16" Overall length
  • 4-1/4" bottle diameter
  • 5-1/2" from floor to highest point
  • Weight Full:  7 lbs.  10 oz    
  • Weight Empty:  2 lbs. 14 oz.
  • CO2 Cartridge weight:  147 grams
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