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VP Racing

Fuel System Cleaner VP Racing

Fuel System Cleaner VP Racing

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VP Fuel System Cleaner with RP21 improves engine performance of cars, trucks, boats, and motorcycles. We use an advanced cleaning agent - our PEA detergent gets deep down to quickly clean your pistons, rings, and valves, even under severe operating conditions. As a result, it brings your engine back to life. We formulate it for both street and off-road applications.

In addition, our engine cleaner additive virtually eliminates knocking and pinging. Furthermore, it reduces the harmful effects of ethanol and cleans carbon deposits and varnish from fuel system components to keep your engine running smoothly. You'll notice an improvement in gas mileage as well.


Have you noticed a sudden decrease in gas mileage? Is your vehicle hesitating or stalling? Maybe your ride has experienced a loss of power? What about excess oil consumption and emissions?

These issues are often due to water contamination in your gasoline.

However, adding it every 8000 kms will protect gasoline-powered cars, trucks, boats, and powersports vehicles. You'll notice and feel the difference in the performance of your vehicle.

It's true that there are numerous gas additive cleaner products on the market. As mentioned earlier, the proprietary polyetheramine (PEA) chemistry used in our gas additive provides the strongest full-temperature spectrum cleaning of any brand in the industry.
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