Multi-Purpose Polishing Cloth, 40 x 40cm

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  • Non lint
  • Non scratching
  • Reduce wipe-off time
  • 420 gsm
  • 400 x 400 mm


This highly absorbent, high-quality microfibre cloth delivers swirl and scratch-free performance. With thousands upon thousands of fibre endings, it gently lifts and traps dust, dirt and grime, along with product residue during final wipe off.
Ideal for use with all Meguiar’s paint care products, interior and exterior cleaners and protectants – even leather care. Ultra-soft, yet strong, durable and washable, this chemically-resistant microfibre cloth is great for general cleaning and wipe off from all interior and exterior surfaces – making it perfect for the car, home, boat or office.

Meguiar’s Multi-Purpose Cloth is soft and totally lint-free. Clear-coat safe and will never dry hard. Can be washed for re-use over and over again.


HOW TO USE: Fold into quarters. Wipe-off using light to medium pressure in a circular motion. Turn to clean portion of the cloth when wipe-off becomes slow of surface remains smeared. *ALWAYS READ FULL DIRECTIONS PRINTED ON THE PRODUCT PRIOR TO USE.