Nissan RB25 Garrett V-Band Turbo Manifold

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Boost High Mount Manifold to suit the RB25 with a Garrett V-Band Turbo Option

This manifold is manufactured with a Garrett V-Band Turbo Flange and a 50mm open wastegate provision outlet.

This manifold is supplied with a short wastegate starter pipe (as pictured) , designed to allow the fabricator to choose the size of the wastegate required, and the position the wastegate sits in. This is also why the manifolds do not have a wastegate flange welded to them. We highly recommend either a 44, 45 or 50mm wastegate be used from one of the ones available in our Wastegate section of the website shop.

 Product Features:

  • Lifetime Warranty against cracking
  • Steam pipe Construction
  • Variable Wastegate Port Positioning option
  • Equal Length Runners
  • Internal high flow Merge Collector
  • Supplied with Manifold to Cylinder Head Studs, and Turbo Mounting Studs
  • Fits 99% of Engine Converted Vehicles