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R32GT-R Single Pump In-tank fuel system kit

R32GT-R Single Pump In-tank fuel system kit

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Single intank pump kit featuring a billet aluminium hat with AN6 fittings, Siemens fuel level sender calibrated to work with the factory cluster, high current 6mm electrical terminals and milspec wiring to reliably power high performance pumps. Can be used with Walbro 460 (F90000267 and 274), Walbro 255 (GSS341 and 342), as well as many other aftermarket pumps with a 39mm body.

No modifications required, easy installation, and no special tools required!

Compliment your purchase by adding an FPG R32GT-R baffle to greatly reduce surge and gain maximum enjoyment out on the track!

***Pumps are not included and need to be purchased separately***. this kit can use Walbro 460 and 255, Raceworks, AEM, Quantum, Aeromotive, and all other 39mm body pumps.

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