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Pulsation Dampers ORB

Pulsation Dampers ORB

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A Fuel Pulsation Damper is used to smoothen the Fuel Pressure and regulate the oscillation of fuel caused by the injectors opening and closing. It uses a diaphragm to absorb pulses in the fuel. They are commonly used in OE applications, and in performance applications can be useful if fuel pressure isn’t stable. This is more common when there isn’t rubber hose present in the fuel system, which helps to absorb pulsations, more so than PTFE or Hard Line. Pulsations may also be increased with larger injectors. Raceworks pulsation dampers may be mounted inline on a hose, on a Fuel Rail or a Fuel Pressure Regulator.

55mm diameter. 48mm Overall height. Must be used with Thread Locker.

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