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Bosch 640cc Injector

Bosch 640cc Injector

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Xspurt Injectors are the easiest injectors to tune on the market.

Made from a Bosch injector, they will give you a very smooth idle then an instant response when you touch the accelerator ensuring a nice smooth transition to acceleration. From there the ride gets better as these injectors give you excellent response and tune-ability at the top end. You can even crank the pressure up to 8 bar and they will be comfortable.

A perfect fit for HSV 6.0lt and 6.2lt engines (not the Commodores) and FG's

Tuners also love these injectors as they area breeze to tune (even at low pulse widths) and they come with tunning data. Your car will feel like the injectors were installed at the factory.

E85, ethanol, methanol and pump petrol compatible.

You can buy CNC extensions for these injectors to turn them into a full length 11mm top oring or a full length 14mm top oring setup.

Xspurt 3 Year Warranty

  • Internal Part Number:   HP640M
  • Brand:   Xspurt Injectors
  • CC Rating:   640cc
  • Ohms (Resistance):   High
  • Length (o-ring to o-ring):   55mm - 3/4 Length
  • Top O-Ring Diameter:   14mm
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