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Vp Racing

Diesel Fuel Conditioner Vp Racing

Diesel Fuel Conditioner Vp Racing

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All-In-One diesel fuel additive cleans the fuel system, pumps, & injectors while restoring power, plus much more. It's truly the Swiss Army knife of diesel fuel conditioner additives. To begin with, choosing the right additive isn't always straightforward. There are so many from which to choose, and many of them perform different functions, for instance. There's no question that today's low-sulfur diesel is better for the environment, but it comes at the cost of lubrication that your diesel engine needs, which is where a diesel additive can help.

As a matter of fact, many industry experts say that diesel fuel additives are more necessary than gasoline additives. Diesel has more properties that need to be protected. For example, cetane rating, cold weather performance, lubricity, and stability are some of the essential properties of diesel that need protection to keep your engine and fuel system operating at maximum potential.


VP Diesel All-In-One is EPA-registered and 100% street legal. It takes away the guesswork of figuring out which diesel additive is the right one for you. Furthermore, it helps alleviate the characteristic diesel "knock" by boosting cetane by nearly two FULL numbers, keeping your engine running smoothly and quietly. Moreover, independent tests (ASTM-D2274) have shown 85% LESS gum and sediment deposits in fuel that was treated with Diesel All-In-One. Our additive received the highest grade for both corrosion protection (ASTM-D130) and corrosion resistance (NACE International standard test).

Not to sound too much like a late-night infomercial, but wait - there's more! In addition, Diesel All-In-One disperses water, reduces smoking, cleans sludge deposits, offers protection against biodiesel components, increases fuel mileage, and includes an anti-gel additive to help keep your fuel flowing in the cold winter months. Whew! Did we leave anything out? Oh yea, it doesn't cook, do laundry, or clean windows.

In conclusion, be sure to treat your diesel right and get more out of your engine with VP Diesel All-In-One, the best and most complete diesel fuel conditioner additive on the market.
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