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Each Raceworks Banjo bolt comes with two washers.

Imperial Length Part Number Material
1/2"-20 22mm RWF-727-06ABK Alloy
7/16"-24 19mm RWF-300-05ABK Alloy
9/16"-24 23mm RWF-722-06ABK Alloy
9/16"-18 23mm RWF-728-06ABK Alloy
3/8"-20 23mm RWF-722-03ABK Alloy
3/8"-24 20mm RWF-300-03SS Stainless Steel
3/8"-24 23mm RWF-305-03ABK Alloy
7/16"-20 23mm RWF-722-04ABK Alloy
7/16"-20 25mm RWF-300-04SS Stainless Steel
7/16"-24 20mm RWF-300-05SS Stainless Steel
7/16"-24 23mm RWF-300-05ALBK Alloy