Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS) Nitrous Oxide Bottle Heater Controllers

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Looking for constant bottle pressure without having to constantly check your gauge and cycle your bottle heater? The NOS P.O.D. nitrous pressure controllers are designed to control a remote bottle opener, along with a bottle heater, with just the push of a button. They feature a cool blue LCD screen for easy mounting and the ability to hold accurate bottle pressure within 1 percent of the target pressure. The P.O.D. controllers will allow you to get the best performance possible from your nitrous oxide system. They work by monitoring bottle pressure through a pressure transducer, based on a user-set target pressure. Then the P.O.D.s will automatically cycle the bottle heater on and off to maintain the preset bottle pressure. Use the built-in diagnostics to check error codes and keep the systems working at optimum levels. Try a NOS P.O.D. nitrous pressure controller with current sensing technology to prevent bottle damage.