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NOS - Single Fogger Wet Nitrous System MUTLI-FIT

NOS - Single Fogger Wet Nitrous System MUTLI-FIT

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A great complement to NOS's cutting-edge nitrous kits, the 05131NOS is great for vehicles where a NOS application-specific kit is not available. Designed to work on sequential firing, multipoint fuel injection systems, the NOS Multi-Fit kit allows for trouble free easy nitrous activation. And, since it's an NOS kit, you know that it has been thoroughly dyno-tested on numerous vehicles.


  • Exclusive NOS "Soft-Plume" Fogger nozzle finely atomizes the fuel for superior nitrous and fuel distribution
  • Includes the world-famous NOS 10 lb "blue bottle"
  • Exclusive NOS ‚ÄúSoft-Plume‚Äù Stainless steelFogger nozzle producing the finest and safest fuel/nitrous mixture
  • High performance chrome Hi-Flo bottle valve for competition-beating power
  • NOS 10 lb blue bottle w/ brackets & high flow bottle valve
  • Industry-leading instruction manual gets you out of the garage and stalking the streets in the least amount of time!
  • Industry-leading instruction manual
  • Drive-By-Wire switch features Adjustable high and low rpm switches and an adjustable TPS activation point
  • 75-100-125 horsepower jetting for 8 cyl. kit
  • Micro switch, safety relays and all other components are included for a simple installation


NOS - Single Fogger Wet Nitrous System MUTLI-FIT

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