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Oil Filter Relocation kit AF64-2042

Oil Filter Relocation kit AF64-2042

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Fast and easy no mess oil changes are now possible thanks to Aeroflow's Universal Oil Filter Relocation System! This kit is great for mounting an engine oil filter away from your engine, to make oil filter changes easier or where space is limited in the engine bay.

The relocation kit contains a billet remote block adapter (AF64-2076) to convert the stock filter landing to an oil passage on the engine block. A billet remote single filter head to mount a single oil filter (AF64-2075). For the universal plumbing we include 2.5 metres (8.2ft) of -10AN 450 series braided hose for custom fit oil lines and 4 x anodised black aluminium 90-degree -8ORB to -10AN hose fittings. These one-piece fittings eliminate messy sealants, thread tape and the chance of cracking the housing due to over tightening.

The AF64-2075 remote oil filter head feature two labelled inlet and outlet -8AN ORB ports provided for plumbing the engine oil to and from the oil filter remote mount. The main body is made from billet 6061 aluminium, then anodised black for great looks and corrosion resistance. Integrated one piece bracket which can be used to make installation easier in various universal applications.

This product has a 3/4-16 filter thread insert supplied with kit. Which can also be purchased separately (AF59-2075) if required.

Oil filters designed to work with this product are either:
AF2296-3001 (RYCO Z9) large oil filter with internal bypass.
AF2296-2008 (RYCO Z145A) small oil filter with no internal bypass

The AF64-2076 remote block adapter is a spin on adapter which converts the oil filter landing on the engine block to an oil passage for use with a remote oil cooler and/or a remote oil filter. The main body is made from billet 6061 aluminium, then anodised black for great looks and corrosion resistance. Featuring two -8ORB ports that are labelled inlet and outlet allow you to run custom plumbing braided or rubber hoses. Included in this remote block adapters are various universal thread adapters to suit a wide variety of engines.  

This includes the following thread adapters:
Thread inserts (3/4”-16 internal thread)
3/4”-16 thread insert (Gold)
13/16”-16 thread insert (Blue)
M18 x 1.5mm thread insert (Silver)
M20 x 1.5mm thread insert (Black)
M22 x 1.5mm thread insert (Green)


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