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Powershot Fuel Solenoid

Powershot Fuel Solenoid

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NOS solenoids have been the standard in the performance and racing world for over 35 years and are designed for optimum flow and operation. NOS has overhauled the entire line with new features and new part numbers. The nitrous solenoids feature a blue powder coated housing, large orifice sizes and PTFE plunger puck material for durability. All NOS solenoids feature stainless steel bases with the NOS logo along with in/out stamped in so you know it is a quality NOS solenoid.


Inlet Size - 1/8"
Outlet Size - 1/8"
Outlet Location - side
Orifice - 1/8"
Plunger - FKM
Current Draw @12VDC - .6 amps

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