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Premium Motorsport Filters

Premium Motorsport Filters

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Raceworks Billet Inline Filters were created using the Raceworks Standard Billet filters as a base. They use the same internal elements and offer the same flow, but improvements in design result in a shorter overall length and integrated mounting bracket. No clamp is required. They contain male fittings on ends for less complexity and to help reduce length. You only need to purchase one part instead of four to setup a filter, and the result weighs signficantly less than traditional filters with additional fittings and a clamp.

Contain Stainless lifetime elements which are E85 Safe. 52mm body dia. 125mm Long including AN Male Flare fittings (built in)

AN Size Micron Maximum Flow Rating @ 3Bar* Part Number
-6 10 1500LPH ALY-206-10BK
-6 40 1800LPH ALY-206-40BK
-8 10 1500LPH ALY-208-10BK
-8 40 1800LPH ALY-208-40BK



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