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EFI Electric In-tank/External Fuel Pump 675 HP M18 x 1.5mm Inlet, M12 x 1.5mm Outlet, similar to Bosch 044

EFI Electric In-tank/External Fuel Pump 675 HP M18 x 1.5mm Inlet, M12 x 1.5mm Outlet, similar to Bosch 044

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.250LPH @ 5bar (12V). 044 Equivalent, 60.5mm Pump Diameter, External Check Valve. E85 Safe

Inlet Options

AN-6 Adapter RWF-734-06BK
AN-8 Adapter RWF-734-08BK
AN-10 Adapter RWF-734-10BK
AN-12 Adapter RWF-734-12BK
3/8" Barb Adapter RWF-414-M18-06BK
1/2" Barb Adapter RWF-414-M18-08BK
5/8" Barb Adapter RWF-414-M18-10BK

Outlet Options

Using included Check Valve

AN-6 Banjo Kit RWF-724-044-06BK
AN-8 Banjo Kit RWF-724-044-08BK
5/16" Barb Banjo Kit RWF-807-044-05BK
3/8" Barb Banjo Kit RWF-807-044-06BK

Note: when using the included Check Valve with a banjo kit, outlet will be on a right angle to the pump.

Using a High Flow Inline Check Valve

AN-6 RWF-612-06BK
AN-8 RWF-612-08BK

Using No Check Valve

AN-6 Adapter RWF-731-06BK
AN-8 Adapter RWF-731-08BK
AN-10 Adapter RWF-731-10BK
5/16" Barb Adapter RWF-414-M12-05BK
3/8" Barb Adapter RWF-414-M12-06BK
1/2" Barb Adapter RWF-414-M12-08BK

What is a Check Valve?

A Check Valve, also known as a one-way valve, allows flow in one direction only, and prevents back flow (reverse flow). In the case of a fuel system, this valve ensures that fuel pressure in the line is maintained, allowing the engine to start faster even if the fuel system has not been sufficiently primed.

Aeroflow Universal 60mm External or In-Tank EFi Fuel Pump.

This Aeroflow Performance fuel pump delivers outstanding performance and durability and is one of the most popular pumps for performance and racing applications. The pump is very versatile, allowing you to mount your pump externally as an in-line pump or internally as an in-tank pump. While producing 300lph (79GPH) of fuel flow and operating at 72.5psi, with this pump you will be able to support 675hp. It features a check valve already screwed in to the outlet, if you leave it in you will need to run a banjo fitting as the thread is tapered. It is common for people to remove this check valve and screw an adaptor fitting straight in the outlet. If you do this you will need to put an aftermarket check valve in-line to keep fuel pressure in your lines.

Compatible with Unleaded, E85 and Methanol. (When running Alcohol fuels the service life will be reduced and filter maintenance must be increased).

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