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Raceworks Ford Falcon FG (4.0L) Fuel Rail

Raceworks Ford Falcon FG (4.0L) Fuel Rail

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  •  ALY-011BK - suits FG-FGx 6cyl Turbo. This rail kit suits short injectors, the standard 3/4 length injectors, or full length. Extensions are only required for short injectors.

    The rails no longer have AN-6 centre ports. All the ports on the rails are now AN-8 ORB. They include our new low profile metric hex blanking plugs if certain ports are not required. The biggest change however is the centre and end return ports are now spaced out of the flow. This means that no flow is blocked off internally when an AN adapter is screwed in. Should you have an NA FG, we have a rail kit coming soon! Or, if you run an early E Series, our ALY-157BK is suitable for you!

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