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Spring Clamps

Spring Clamps

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 They are supplied in a pack of 10 clamps.

inner diameter, Turbosmart spring clamps help ensure a tight and secure fit for all your Turbosmart silicone vacuum hoses, making them ideal for custom installations or as replacements for existing fittings. Turbosmart spring clamps feature superior corrosion resistance, durability and long-term reliability, so you can be sure that your project will remain securely connected no matter how extreme temperatures become. Additionally, Turbosmart spring clamps come with an easy-to-use installation that requires minimal effort, even when working in confined spaces. Whether replacing an old fitting or doing custom work, Turbosmart spring clamps are the perfect fastener for your Turbosmart silicon vacuum hose needs. Look no further than Turbosmart and their reliable, high-quality spring clamps to get the job done right

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