Universal Round Tapered 3" (76mm) Clamp-On Filter - Black Top Inverted Filter

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Aeroflow Pod filters are manufactured from a high temp Polyurethane material that will not dry and crack over time. Featuring an Stainless Steel Mesh design Filter, these are perfect for any aftermarket applications.

With increased air flow, these Aeroflow Pod Filters are designed to increase performance. These filters are reusable/washable, hence saving you money and protecting the environment. We have the newest technologies in air filter manufacturing that allows us to provide you with what we feel is the highest quality filter at a great price. Get an Aeroflow Pod Filter today and experience the Aeroflow difference!


5" (127 mm) H x 6" (152 mm) Base O.D x 5-1/4" (133 mm) Top O.D