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VP Engine Assembly Lubricant

VP Engine Assembly Lubricant

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VP Engine Assembly Lube is a premium high-viscosity lubricant. We engineer it with a stout base stock that provides superior protection against scuffing, galling and metal transfer during engine assembly and the critical break-in process. It provides exceptional protection from excessive wear and is miscible (mixable) with both synthetic and conventional oils. It's an outstanding pre-lube safeguard for engines, including cylinder walls, piston skirts, bearings, camshafts, cam lobes, lifters, wrist pins, and other valve train components.


Building an engine is a long process. It can weeks or months to complete an engine rebuild. For this reason, you need a high-quality engine assembly lube that clings well to parts for long periods. Our product is relentlessly tacky, ensuring that it will cling to your engine parts. Furthermore, the time it takes to build an engine can leave exposed parts vulnerable to moisture and oxygen. This can lead to rust forming on metal surfaces. VP Engine Assembly Lube provides superlative rust and corrosion protection for your engine during both assembly and shipment.

Another key point is that wear protection is so critical for dry starts. When an engine initially starts, it operates with little oil pressure, which puts vital engine components at an extreme risk for wear and potential failure.  We design our lube with zinc, phosphorus, and moly anti-wear additives that assure supreme protection against excessive wear.

Finally, because our product is miscible, it's compatible with VP Break-In Engine Oil. It won't separate from the oil and it won't clog oil ports. This can be an issue with grease-based assembly lubes and potentially cause engine failure if the grease isn't fully consumed when you initially start the engine.

Our assembly lube ensures that your new engine is properly lubricated.


  • Superior load carrying ability
  • Excellent film strength preventing wear
  • Zinc, phosphorus, and moly anti-wear additives provide protection from excessive wear
  • Miscible with synthetic and conventional oils
  • Outstanding rust and corrosion protection during both assembly and shipment
  • Pre-lube protection for engines: cylinder walls, piston skirts, bearings, camshafts, cam lobes, lifters, wrist pins, and other critical components
  • No-drip, no-run formula due to it's extreme tackiness/long-lasting cling
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